1000 A AC/DC High-Precision Current Probe for Power
Efficiency Testing

Hioki AC/DC clamp sensors are best-in-class current sensors for use
with power meters, Memory HiCorders and high performance
oscilloscopes. The CT6846 is a high-precision 1000 A AC/DC
current probe that features a wide operating temperature range
and large jaw diameter, making them ideal for evaluating the
operational integrity of devices that are subject to extreme
temperature ranges.

Model No. (Order Code)

CT64861000 A AC/DC, PL23 terminal
CT6486-051000 A AC/DC, ME15W terminal

Note: These products cannot be used alone.
The optional SENSOR UNIT is required in order
to supply power and connect the clamp to a
Memory HiCorder or other instrument.
Products can be directly connected to the
compatible Power Meters and Power Analyzers.

Key Features

• Ideal for use in environmental testing with broad -40˚C to 85˚C temperature range
• High precision with a clamp-type design, ±0.3% amplitude accuracy, ±0.1° phase accuracy
• Wide-bandwidth from DC to 20 kHz
• Single-handed operation and robust locking mechanism
• Reduced effects from magnetic fields, conductor position, and noise from nearby wires
• For EV/HEV battery charge and discharge efficiency testing and inverter and power conditioner conversion efficiency evaluations

A comment from the Good Design Award 2016

“The ergonomic design of these products appropriately reflects conditions in the field as well as worker needs through features such as one-handed operation and a grip that can be easily opened and closed in any orientation. In addition, they exhibit a high level of overall finish, including through the effective use of visual cues, for example use of yellow and gray to prompt the user to interact with the instrument in a way that avoids its inherent hazards.”

High-accuracy current sensors ideal for use with
oscilloscopes and power meters

Compared to current sensors that use Hall elements, flux gate
type current sensors are not prone to measurement error
caused by variations in the external temperature. In
addition, they can measure extremely low input
(current values) and current waveforms with phase that
lags by 90° with a high degree of precision. The CT6840
Series AC/DC Current Probes are ideal for measuring power
waveforms with a digital oscilloscope and power meters.

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Rated current1000 A AC/DC
Max. allowable input1700 A peak (requires derating)
Frequency characteristicsDC to 20 kHz
Phase: DC to 20 kHz
Amplitude and phase accuracyDC ±0.3 % rdg. ±0.02 % f.s. (Phase: Not defined)
DC < f ≤ 100 Hz ±0.3 % rdg. ±0.01 % f.s. (Phase: ±0.1°)
Defined to 20 kHz
Output voltage2 mV/A
(voltage output with the Sensor Uni use with a device having a 1 MΩ input resistance or higher)
Core diameterφ 50 mm (1.97 in)
Operating temperature, humidity-40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F), 80% RH or less (with no condensation)
Power supply±11 V to ±15 V DC (Power suppled via the Sensor Unit, which supports 100 to 240 V AC)
Power consumption7 VA max. (at 1000 A/55 Hz, ±12 V power requirement)
Dimensions and mass238 mm (9.37 in)W × 116 mm (4.57 in)H × 35 mm (1.38 in)D, 990 g (34.9 oz), cord length: 3 m (9.84 ft)
AccessoriesInstruction manual ×1, Mark bands ×6, Carrying Case

Compatible models...CT6846 (-05)

Compatible modelsCT6846CT6846-05
Power Analyzer PW6001, PW3390△ (Requires CT9900, CT ratio 2)OK
Power Analyzer 3390OK (CT ratio 2)△ (Requires CT9901, CT ratio 2)
Power HiTester 3193 seriesOK (CT ratio 2)△ (Requires CT9901, CT ratio 2)
Current Unit 8971△ (Requires the 9318, CT ratio 2)△ (Requires the 9318, CT9901, CT ratio 2)
F/V Unit 8940△ (Requires the 9318, 9705, CT ratio 2)△ (Requires the 9318, 9705, CT9901, CT ratio 2)
Catalog: AC/DC CURRENT PROBE CT6844-05, CT6845-05, CT6846-05Download PDF  [2MB]English
Catalog: SENSOR UNIT CT9555, CT9556, CT9557Download PDF  [1MB]English

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