Data Analysis Software for Detecting Latent Defects on PASS Boards
Hioki PCB and substrate inspection equipment leverages our core competency in high precision component testing.
The UA1801 is an advanced data analysis software that uses AI to learn from pattern anomalies to generate statistical probabilities of latent defects.
Results can be fed back into the R&D and production processes to improve product quality in the very early stages of manufacturing.

Model No. (Order Code)

UA1801-01 | Limited 1-year license
Model No. : UA1801-02 | Unlimited license

Key Features

• Perform statistical analysis using the latest AI technologies
• Detect significant points that can cause latent defects
• Provide feedback to improve quality in board production and design processes

Analyze test results with Process Analyzer Pro

Display test step results using histograms, distribution maps, and other tools
Supported products
1116, 1117, 1270, 1271, FA1116, FA1283, FA1811, FA1816, FA1817

Visualize resistance values using colors (Pro feature)

Display resistance values using color mapping
Check individual differences by displaying multiple boards at the same time
Check the wiring pattern at the selected location

Detect significant points using AI technologies (Pro feature)

Detect significant points using AI technologies (Pro feature)

Specifications overview

License contents
License key (USB) only
*Note: Please purchase computer, display and other hardware separately and download the installer and documentation from Hioki’s website.
Supported test equipment

FA1817, FA1816, FA1811, FA1282-01, FA1282-11, FA1283-01, FA1283-11, 1281, 1281-11, 1281-12, 1281-50, FA1116-03, 1116, 1116-01, 1116-02, 1116-12, 1116-21, 1116-22, 1116-23, 1116-24, 1116-32, 1116-41, 1116-42, 1116-43, 1116-44, 1116-45, 1116-51, 1116-52, 1116-53, 1116-54, 1116-62, 1116-71, 1116-72, 1116-73, 1116-74, 1116-75, 1270, 1271
Operating environment
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; CPU: x64 processor running at 1.0 GHz or better (2.0 GHz or better recommended); memory: 2 GB or better (4 GB or better recommended); other software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 and appropriate language pack
Supported languages
English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
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