[Complimentary Webinar] Basic Understanding of Safety Testing for Medical Equipment and Appliances

Together with Hioki E.E Corporation, Hioki India and Hioki MEA, Hioki Singapore will be organising a webinar on “Basic Understanding of Safety Testing For Medical Equipment and Appliances Using Hioki Instruments“, on 19 August 2020, Wednesday, 2pm (SGT).  Hioki E.E Corporation CEO & President, Mr. Kazutoshi Hosoya, will also be giving his opening speech, ‘LIVE’ from Ueda, Japan during this webinar.

During this global pandemic, the need for medical equipment such as ventilators cannot be overstated, and manufacturers all over the world are rushing to meet the demand. As with most electrical equipment, medical devices must also be tested for safety, especially since the devices often come into direct contact with the patient or healthcare worker. IEC 60601-1 Ed. 3 is a widely accepted safety standard for medical electrical equipment.

Part of the standard addresses patient leakage current, i.e., leakage current that flows through a patient connected to an applied part or parts. This webinar on Basic Understanding of Safety Testing for Medical Equipment & Appliances Using Hioki Instruments will be conducted in English, and shall comprise the following technical program:

The following Hioki Instruments will be featured during the webinar:

1.  Leak Current HiTester ST5540

2.  AC Grounding HiTester 3157

3.  AC Automatic Insulation/Withstanding HiTester 3174

Digital certificates will be issued. Registration is complimentary.

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