FLYING PROBE TEST 1/2 Data Generation Time With
New Platform
Gerber editing software that embodies the know-how for substrate testing
Built-in Commands Eliminate Need for Techniques
• Easily generate test points even on the inner layer for cavity structures (One-point test-point generation)
• Expanded touch panel functions for printed boards (Optional E7001)
• Support for built-in component boards
• High-precision relay-point deletion functionality that reliably delete only the unnecessary relay-points

Model No. (Order Code)

UA1781Permanent license version

1/2 Data Gegeration Time With New Platform FEB-LINE UA1781

[F]lying probe test for [E]mbedded and [B]are boards = FEB-LINE

3-in-1 Editing Software for Bare Boards Testing
UA1781 Embodies the Know-how for Substrate Testing

Also supports complex circuit structures with the element synthesis commandfor Built-in

Automatically calculate the RLC serial parallel status of the built-in components to calculate the measurement theory value using measurement points.
It is also possible to calculate the minimum combination that can measure all components.


Recommended for cavity substrates

Easily generate test points (probing points) anywhere you like, in
addition to those created automatically.
Create test points on the top surface, bottom surface, and even
on the inner layer for cavity structures with just a single click.

Expanded touch panel functions for printed boards

Interlayer automatic connections

Even in touch panels, ceramic substrates, or other printed circuit
board data in which non-conductive layers are combined,
vias are automatically connected based on the overlapping of
conduction layers to perform net generation. DXF entry support
makes line connection and paint/blank processing easy too.

Specifications Overview

Supported OSWindows 7 Professional 64-bit
Data entry functionGerber file, aperture file, drill file, U-ART database,
DXF (optional E7001)
Test data generation functionNet information generation, part test data generation,
test point generation, relay-point deletion
Test data output formatSFD, SFDX, NND, IND, CON, COT, COTX, PRTX, LAYOUT
AccessoriesInstall CD, license key (USB), instruction manual
*Note: User is responsible for providing a computer, monitor, and other hardware.

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