Measure the Resistivity of Electrically Guarded Liquid
Hioki Super Megohmmeters are high insulation resistance meters designed
to measure the electrical resistance of insulation materials with high
insulating properties. The SME-8330 is used for measuring the insulation
resistance or volume resistance of liquid samples, and consists of main
and counter electrodes and a protection electrode or guard which removes
leakage current through the insulator to sustain the electrodes.
Electrode for liquid samples which is electrically guarded.
Total volume is 25ml.
Capacitance between main and counter electrode is approx. 45pF.
Electrode constant is approx. 500cm.
Distance between both electrodes is 1mm.
Outer dia. is 36mm, height is approx. 140mm.
Measure resistance up to 10^19Ω (at 1000V) when used together
with Model SM-8216.

Model No. (Order Code)


Hioki SME-8330 Plate Sample Electrode for Measuring Surface
or Volume Resistance

When paired with super megohmmeters, the Hioki-SM8330 can measure the
surface and volume resistance of liquid. Watch this video to learn
how to prepare the SME-8330 for testing, and how to connect it with
the Hioki SM-8220 Super Megohmmeter.

SME 8330 Liquid Sample Electrode:
How to Disassemble and Clean

The Hioki-8330 is made up of a main electrode, counter electrode
terminal, insulator to remove leakage current from these parts,
and protective electrodes. In addition, the insulator is made
of chemically stable materials (such as teflon, Kel-F and tiflon),
while nickel plating is used for the electrode surface to bring
uniformity to the electrolytes and chemically strengthen them.
The electrode is intelligently designed so that it can be
conveniently disassembled for cleaning and easily reassembled,
enabling users to test and wide range of samples.

Outline Specification

IncludedConnection cable 60cm (1.97ft) length
(Red) 0GA00029 ×1
(Black) 0GA00030 ×1
Dimensionsφ 36mm (1.42in) × 140mm (5.51in)
Catalog: SUPER MEGOHMMETER SM-8213, SM-8215, SM-8220Download PDF  [2MB]English
Catalog: SUPER MEGOHM METER SM7110, SM7120, SM7420Download PDF  [3MB]English

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