1000V Direct Input, Portable 16-channel Memory
Recorder for Data Acquisition During Vehicle Testing
with Direct CAN Bus Input

Hioki Memory HiCorders are high-speed waveform monitoring and recording
devices that can simultaneously measure multiple physical phenomena such
as voltage, current, temperature, vibration, weight, acceleration and
rotation due to complete isolation between channels and from each channel
to the ground. The MR8875 data acquisition (DAQ) recorder accommodates
plug-and-play input modules to meet applications such as onboard vehicle
analysis, current consumption testing of portable devices, and measuring
the voltage waveforms of superconducting materials and contacts.

Model No. (Order Code)

MR8875Max. 16 - 60ch, 32MW memory, main unit only

Note: Test leads are not included. Purchase the leads
appropriate for your application separately. AC
Adapter Z1005 is included as standard.

Key Features

• 1000V input and instantaneous DC or RMS waveform measurement with new Analog Unit MR8905
• Multi-channel logger capable of thermocouple temperature measurement up to 60 ch at 10 msec intervals
• Measure multiple channels simultaneously despite handheld portable design
• Max. 2 μsec high-speed simultaneous logging for all input channels
• Save directly to the SD Card in real time for uninterrupted long-term logging
• 16-bit high-resolution measurement of voltage, temperature, distortion and CAN signals
• FFT calculation, waveform calculation functions for advanced analysis
• Intuitive touch screen for optimal operability
• Tough against vibrations and extreme temperatures, with strengthened body ideal for in-vehicle testing and road tests
• 3 different power supplies

Product Video

How to Use Memory HiCorders: As a Multi-channel High-speed Data Logger

The Hioki MR8875 revolutionizes data logging by letting you record data to the SD Card in real-time in high speeds. Up to 3 full seconds of data logged in as fast as every 2μsec can be precisely captured, and when recording up to 50μsec of data, you can store up to 60 channels of signals, all in real-time into one single SD Card.

How to Use Memory HiCorders: Measuring Acceleration using a Strain Unit

Abrupt fluctuations in acceleration can cause unacceptable motion errors in automobiles, transportation equipment and industrial robots. The Hioki MR8857 Memory HiCorder installed with the strain measurement module can greatly assist in helping you measure and analyze these unexpected acceleration fluctuations across 16 channels. Watch this video to learn how to connect distortion gauge acceleration sensors and make proper settings with the intuitive interface, as well as use the recorder’s scaling function to efficiently record waveforms.

Performance and Durability Testing

With its multichannel, long-term recording capabilities, the MR8875 is ideally suited for use in development applications such as performance and durability testing. Record sensor output, evaluate sensors and other devices, and even use as a flatbed X-Y recorder.

Inverter and Motor Testing

Install the High-voltage Input Unit MR8905 to easily measure and capture waveforms from the primary- and secondary-side of UPS power supply as well as commercial power supply transformers.

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Number of input unitsUp to 4 slots
Number of channelsMax. 16 analog channels (Max. 60 channels when using the MR8902) + standard 8 logic channels + 2 pulse channels
Note: For analog units, channels are isolated from each other and from the MR8875’s GND. For CAN unit ports or standard logic terminals or standard pulse terminals, all channels have common GND.
Measurement ranges (20 div full-scale)5 mV to 10 V/div , 11 ranges (when using the MR8901), 500 mV to 50 V/div , 7 ranges (when using the MR8905), resolution : 1/1250 of range
Max. rated voltageBetween terminals: 150 V DC
Between terminal to earth: 100 V AC, DC (when using the MR8901)
Frequency characteristicsDC to 100 kHz (-3 dB, when using the MR8901)
Time axis200 µs to 5 min/div, 21 ranges, sampling period: 1/100 of range, External sampling possible
Max. sampling rate[When using MR8901] 500 kS/s (2 μs period, all channels simultaneously)
[When using MR8902] 10 ms (all input channels are scanned at high speed during every recording interval)
[When using MR8903] 200 kS/s (5 μs period, all channels simultaneously)
External sampling: 200 kS/s (5 μs period)
Measurement functionsHigh-speed function (high speed recording), Real-time calculation between channels, FFT calculation, or other functions
Storage memory capacityTotal 32 M-words (memory expansion: N/A, 8 MW each input unit)
Note: 1 word = 2 bytes, therefore 32 Mega-words = 64 Mega-bytes.
Note: Storage memory can be allocated depending on the number of channels used at each input unit
Removable storageSD card slot ×1, USB 2.0 memory
DisplayTouch-panel operation 8.4-inch SVGA-TFT color LCD (800 × 600 dots)
Communication interfacesLAN: 100BASE-TX (DHCP, DNS supported, FTP server/ client, WEB server, send E-mail, command control)
USB: USB 2.0 compliant, series mini-B receptacle ×1 (setting / measure with communication command, or file transfer SD card to PC), series A receptacle ×2 (USB memory, USB mouse/ key-board)
Power supply1) AC adapter Z1002: 100 to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz), 56 VA
2) Battery pack Z1003: 7.2 V DC, 36 VA, continuous operation time: 1 hour with back light ON (AC adapter has priority when used in combination with battery pack), Charges while installed in the MR8875, recharging time: 3 hours
3) External DC Power: 10 to 28 V DC, 56 VA, (please contact your HIOKI distributor for connection cord)
Dimensions and mass298 mm (11.73 in)W × 224 mm (8.82 in)H × 84 mm (3.31 in)D, 2.4 kg (84.7 oz), (excluding input units and the Battery pack Z1003)
Reference data: 3.47 kg/ 122.4 oz (including the MR8901 ×4 units and the Battery pack Z1003)
AccessoriesInstruction manual ×1, Measurement guide ×1, AC adapter Z1002 ×1, Protection sheet ×1, USB cable ×1, Shoulder strap ×1, Application disk (Wave viewer Wv, communication commands table, CAN Editor) ×1

LabVIEW and MATLAB support

Compatible modelsLabVIEWMATLAB script
Catalog: MEMORY HiCORDER MR8875Download PDF  [7MB]English
Catalog: NON-CONTACT AC VOLTAGE PROBE SP3000Download PDF  [2MB]English

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