All-In-One Solution for Testing the Reliability of
Connections on Printed Circuit Boards
The 1230 is a bare board tester with the testing capabilities of an
in-circuit tester, delivering highly consistent low-resistance
measurements with high speed high precision.

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Key Features

• Testing of boards with embedded passive and active devices (crystallizing Hioki’s expertise in populated board testers)
• Guarding measurement
• Phase division (AC measurement optional feature)
• Testing of built-in LSIs (connection reliability testing, pin-to-pin open/short testing, current consumption [standby current] testing)
• Icons to aid in intuitive operation

Specifications Overview

Number of measurement channelsMax. 8,192 (max. 4,096 steps on top and max. 4,096 steps on bottom)
*Using scanner box
Number of test stepsMax. 10,000 steps
Measurement timesContinuity testing: 350 μs
Isolation measurement: From 5 ms
Capacitance and inductance measurement: From 4 ms
Resistance measurement: From 1.8 ms
General specificationsComputer (Windows XP), 17” LCD monitor (standard accessories)
High-speed advanced isolation and continuity testing
4-terminal measurement support (including mixed 2-terminal/4-terminal measurement)
Power supply200 V AC ±10% (single-phase), 50/60 Hz, 1 VA
DimensionsHiTESTER: 324 mm (12.76 in) W × 207 mm (8.15 in) H × 285 mm (11.22 in) D
Scanner box: 247 mm (9.72 in) W × 253 mm (9.96 in) H × 269 mm (10.59 in) D
MassHiTester: 8.62 kg (304.1 oz) with all options installed
(*CPU board, A/D board, I/O board, HV board, DC board, AC board, scanner interface board × 2, I/O 24 V power supply)
Scanner box: 21.05 kg (742.5 oz) with HIGH-PRECISION SCANNER BOARD 1138-32 × 16
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