Digital Insulation Tester for Photovoltaic Generation Systems
The Hioki IR4053 is a digital insulation resistance tester for
photovoltaic generation systems. Measure insulation resistance
accurate and safely without being affected by generated solar
power and identify the value in just 4 seconds.

Model No. (Order Code)

IR4053-10Bundled with Test Lead L9787

Key Features

• Safely and accurately measure PV insulation resistance even while generating solar power
• Built-in PV dedicated function, display measurements in 4 seconds
• Five ranges (50/125/250/500/1000V) built in for normal insulation resistance measurement
• Built-in 1000 VDC voltage measurement for open voltage tests of PV systems that support 1000 V
• Built-in comparator function
• Drop proof design withstands drop onto concrete from a height of 1 meter

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How to Use IR4053 Insulation Tester


Basic specifications ■PVΩ measurement
(Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Rated output voltage500 V DC1000 V DC
Effective maximum indicated value2000 MΩ4000 MΩ
Measuring range/ Accuracy0.200 to 500 MΩ / ±4% rdg.
501 to 2000 MΩ / ±8% rdg.
0.200 to 1000 MΩ / ±4% rdg.
1010 to 4000 MΩ / ±8% rdg.
Other measuring range / Accuracy0 to 0.199 MΩ / ±2% rdg. ±6 dgt.

Basic specifications ■Insulation resistance measurement

Rated output voltage50 V DC125 V DC250 V DC500 V DC1000 V DC
Effective maximum indicated value100 MΩ250 MΩ500 MΩ2000 MΩ4000 MΩ
Accuracy 1st effective measuring range MΩ±4% rdg.
0.200 to 10.00
±4% rdg.
0.200 to 25.0
±4% rdg.
0.200 to 50.0
±4% rdg.
0.200 to 500
±4% rdg.
0.200 to 1000
Lower limit resistance0.05 MΩ0.125 MΩ0.25 MΩ0.5 MΩ1 MΩ
Overload protection600 V AC (10 s)600 V AC (10 s)600 V AC (10 s)600 V AC (10 s)1200 V DC (10 s)
DC voltage range4.2 V (0.001 V resolution) to 1000 V (1 V resolution), 4 ranges,
Accuracy: ±1.3% rdg. ±4 dgt., (Ranges in excess of 1000 V are not guaranteed for accuracy.)
AC voltage range420 V (0.1 V resolution)/600 V (1 V resolution), 2 ranges, 50/60 Hz,
Accuracy: ±2.3% rdg. ±8 dgt., (Ranges in excess of 600 V are not guaranteed for accuracy.)
DisplaySemi-transmissive FSTN LCD with back lighting, Backlight
Response timeInsulation resistance range: 1 second, PVΩ function: 4 seconds (based on in-house tests)
Other functionsLive circuit indicator, automatic electric discharge, automatic DC/AC detection, comparator, drop proof, auto power save
Power supplyAA alkaline batteries (LR6) ×4, Continuous operating time: Approx. 20 hours (based on in-house tests)
Dimensions and mass159 mm (6.26 in) W × 177 mm H (6.97 in) H × 53 mm (2.09 in) D, Approx. 600 g (21.2 oz) (including batteries, excluding test lead)
AccessoriesTEST LEAD L9787 ×1, Neck strap ×1, Instruction manual ×1, AA alkaline batteries (LR6) ×4
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